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When you grow up, you're supposed to be no longer living in a magical world. Those comic books you read as a child, those bedtime stories read to you by your parents that detailed people who could do incredible things, impossible things, for their family, a cause, a belief, when you're an adult you learn none of it is real, that people really aren't capable of these things. But what if your parents were wrong? What if, in actuality, some of those stories are true? And what if you were one of those people? What if you had the power to change the world?

Welcome to the Ninth Wonders!

What is the Ninth Wonders?

Ninth Wonders! is a comic book produced by Isaac Mendez, in the television show Heroes. This comic book is special because it is telling the story of nine particular individuals, not to mention their families and the people they meet along the way, and how they must come together to save New York, if not the world. These individuals happen to exist outside of the comic book as well, as Isaac is himself a man gifted with foresight.

The roleplay here extends beyond the nine, but they will definitely play a major part in this community.

If you are interested in playing a character, please first take a look at the character page to see who has already been taken. You can play anything from canon, to an original, to even an augmented other-canon character (ie, a superhero from another comic book).

To apply for a character, send the following information to Jen at writerfangirl at gmail dot com.

1. Name of the character (and any aliases if they are applicable)
2. What do you know about this character? (the history and the personality)
2a. Does this character have any connections with other characters? (if the answer is yes, please contact the character's mun to come to an agreement.)
3. How does this character fit into the scheme of the show? (what's this character's purpose? how does this character relate to the overall plot? be sure to include any affilications here.)
4. What do you hope to do with this character?
5. What is your experience in rping? Do you have any experience with playing in a Heroes universe?
6. Please include at least 200 words in an example post for your character.

Note: If you are planning on playing an original or an other-canon character, I want to see a lot of information on the character. If you want to play a Heroes version of a superhero, he or she must fit into the Heroesverse, meaning no costume clad hero in this verse. You can have that in the history if you want the character to be from another verse and somehow got transplanted. But your character will have to deal with the aftermath of that and how the Heroes world is nothing like his or her home world.

Save for the original characters and other-canon characters, we are otherwise sticking to what has been shown in canon up until ".07%" (save for that one thing that Sylar does...yeah.) If you want to play a relative of a canon who doesn't actually exist, you'd have to speak with the mun of the character you want yours related to prior to creation. That mun has the disgretion of refusing your request.


1. Have fun! That's first and foremost. If you are not having fun, what's the point?
2. Behavior. You are expected to conduct yourself like an adult. That's not to say that this comm is not open to people who are under eighteen. But if you are under than eighteen, you must act like an adult: don't flame anyone, don't mistreat, tease, or otherwise harass anyone. None of this will be tolerated on the comm or through personal communication offsite. If it seen you take part in any of these things on the comm or with other members of the comm, your characters will be revoked.
3. Content. Any content that is not suitable for children (rating PG-13 or above) must be labeled as such and put under a cut. If spoilers are mentioned in the post or rp, it must be noted in the first post of the rp that spoilers are contained within. Finally, you must adhere to the Livejournal TOS.

Keep up with your fellow RPers on the Ninth Wonders! OOC discussion comm, ooc_heroes. Like to be part of prompt communities? Join the Ninth Wonders! prompts comm, heroes_prompts.

Disclaimer: Heroes is owned by Tim Kring and NBC. This roleplay is simply a way for fans to have fun with the characters. No infringement is intended upon any copyrighted characters. All other characters depicted here, who are not from Heroes, are owned by their respective creators and no infringement is intended upon them, either. Absolutely no money is coming out of this roleplaying game.