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18 May 2007 @ 03:40 am
Ice cream.  
After she and Peter parted ways, Sasha decided to make a run for ice cream at the place closest to the park. She had never been there before, but there was a fairly long line of people waiting to be served. You could always tell if something was good by how many people were willing to wait for it, so she walked in, standing in back of a tale dark haired man who was reading a newspaper.

There had to be at least 30 flavors on the menu, and she had no idea what Claire would like. Actually, there was very little that she knew about her fake cousin the indestructible cheerleader and illegitimate Petrelli. Maybe that would change over the course of the week she had to get to know her, but it definitely wasn't helping Sasha out at the moment. Peter was a chocolate chip cookie dough fan though, so at least she knew where to start. He was getting a small container of that whether he felt like mixing things up or not. One down, one to go. Why was this so overwhelming, anyway?

Sasha realized she was making too big a deal out of this and sighed, shaking her head at her own insecurity. It wasn't as if Claire was going to hate her if she brought home the wrong flavor of ice cream. Still, she was hoping that they would get along. Peter's newly discovered niece was important to him, and that made her important to Sasha too.

Deciding to just give up and go with something random, she reached forward to lightly tap the shoulder of the man in front of her, and smiled when he turned to face her.

"Hey, sorry to bother you, but do you know what's good here? I would love a recommendation, I'm just trying this place for the first time and they have a whole lot of flavors--which is a good thing if your brain isn't already overloaded with things to think about--but for me its just a little much."

(Open to Sylar!)
mynameissylar: Powermynameissylar on May 20th, 2007 01:40 pm (UTC)
After a sudden, unexplainable craving for ice cream he joined a long line of people in front of the first decent looking ice cream store he passed. Odd timing perhaps, but Sylar didn't care. So what if it would take another thirty minutes before he could 'devour' his next victim? In the end it didn't really matter; as long as his ultimate goal was reached. A smirk crept over his face as the prospect of the future entered his mind. A future where he possessed so many powers he was invincible. Or even more importantly; where he was truly special. The most special person there would be.

The facial features of the man behind the newspaper changed from questionable to pure evil; a menacing glint hinting through in his eyes.

A soft hand suddenly tapped his shoulder and Sylar slowly lowered his newspaper. He folded it up neatly before tucking it under his arm and turning around. He locked eyes with a young woman and instantly a charming smile spread over his lips. Her choice of words was most interesting, to say the least, and he had to suppress himself from letting out an inappropriate chuckle.

He did not have an immediate answer to her query though, this was the first time he was at this particular ice cream place as well. God, when had been the last time he even had ice cream? Five, ten years ago? He failed to remember. It felt like a life time ago, and in a way it was. He was a different person then, with different occupations, different priorities.

Realising the woman was still awaiting an answer he quickly searched his mind for the menu he had seen so briefly before turning around to face her. She was right, there were about thirty flavours all-together, one sounding even more indefinable than the next. Raspberry pavlova, highland fling, forest fruits, honeycomb... , what had happened to the once so simple strawberry or chocolate, he wondered.

He randomly picked two flavours from the list, figuring none of them would be awful. If they were there wouldn't be such a long line up; especially not early November.

"Don't worry about it", he said, "I am always happy to help out. The fudge toffee and butter pecan are great; is it just for you or are you buying ice cream for someone else as well?"
Sasha Hoffman: everything's okay.daughterof_evil on May 25th, 2007 07:00 am (UTC)
"Thank you." She grinned. "Its mostly for my cousin. She's flying in from Texas to spend a few days with me, and I wanted to make sure that my fridge isn't totally empty when she gets here. I'm getting a container or two for us to share." Sasha answered, so comfortable with this lie that she showed no hesitation or uncertainty whatsoever. She was actually glad that he had asked her about it, because this was an opportunity for her to practice what she would say to anyone who might question her about it.

It was a little weird, getting used to the idea that someone might actually care about what you were up to because your fake boyfriend's brother was someone 'important'. Sasha had never dealt with anything like this, even when her father was running Hoffman Publishing, because her family was much more, well, introverted. They worked, donated, and lived quietly unless there was a party too big to miss. Usually it was a benefit of some kind, or an important business contact's event--never politics.

Never politics, until now.

"I haven't seen her in years though, I have no idea what she would like. That's why I was compelled to ask someone. I don't want to be the neglectful cousin who buys crappy ice cream, you know?"

She thought it was a valid idea. And even if it wasn't, what did this man care? New Yorkers didn't really give a damn about anything, even when they were nice enough to recommend the good ice cream flavors to you.
mynameissylarmynameissylar on June 25th, 2007 10:11 am (UTC)
Something dark and unknown flashed behind Sylar's eyes when the woman mentioned Texas. The change was brief and could be missed with a blink of an eye, but it had been there nonetheless.

The last time he'd been in Texas he had realised for the first time in nearly six months he wasn't yet invincible. His plan to kill the cheerleader and obtain her regeneration power to accomplish just that had been interrupted abruptly by Peter Petrelli, the man obviously had no control over his powers but he'd been lucky and temporary knocked Sylar out.

Defenceless as a wounded animal he'd left the high school without Claire's power, only to be captured by them. The days that followed had been most uneasy to say the last and even after he managed to get away from the clutches of Bennet for a second time he did not get what he came for; Claire's power. Even while just thinking of it he could feel the longing for that ability pull his desires, he wanted it so badly. He could almost taste the possibilities of the power on his lips. He had been so close, but close wasn't good enough; it never was.

Of course he wasn't telling any of that to the complete stranger opposite him. Instead, the charming smile remained upon his face as he briefly said, "Texas is lovely this time of the year. Very... green." He heard his mother's words echo in the back of his head.

"I don't want to be the neglectful cousin who buys crappy ice cream, you know?" The woman said as they moved further in the queue.

"There is no crappy ice cream", Sylar simply replied. "And if you're still uncertain what to buy just take vanilla, that always works. Add a handful of sprinkles and you got yourself a guaranteed success", he added matter-of-factly.